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Lake Township is located at 8105 W. Kelly Rd. in Missaukee County, Michigan, 49651. You can contact Lake Township officials at (231) 839-7655. To be added to Lake Township emailing list please email and make sure to include your name. 

Spring Break 2020 Closed NOTICE

Missaukee Summer Swim Program

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Lake Missaukee Shoreline Summer Flyover 2020

Lake Sapphire Shoreline Summer Flyover 2020

Crooked Lake Shoreline Flyover 2020


Join Us for Township Board Meeting

The Lake Township Board meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4:30pm at the Township Hall.

Get Your Compost

Open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9-3
Location:  Decker road, turns into North Menzies road at the curve. The gate is on the North side of the road. 


CWTA – Wex Express

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Lake Missaukee Treatment Information

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Board Meeting Information

The BOR must meet on the second Monday in March. This meeting must start not earlier than 9 a.m. and not later than 3 p.m. The BOR must meet one additional day during this week and shall hold at least 3 hours of its required sessions during the week of the second Monday in March after 6 p.m. MCL 211.30. Note: The governing body of a city or township may authorize an alternative starting date for the second meeting of the March Board of Review, which can be either the Tuesday or the Wednesday following the second Monday in March. MCL211.30(2) 

Special Board of Review meeting may be convened by assessing officer to correct qualified errors (Tuesday after the second Monday in Dec.). MCL 211.53b. The governing body of the city or township may authorize, by adoption of an ordinance or resolution, one or more of the following alternative meeting dates for the purposes of this section: An alternative meeting date during the week of the second Monday in December. MCL 211.53b(7) An owner who owned and occupied a principal residence on May 1 for taxes levied before January 1, 2012, for which the exemption was not on the tax roll may file an appeal with the December Board of Review in the year for which the exemption was claimed or the immediately succeeding 3 years. For taxes levied after December 31, 2011, an owner who owned and occupied a principal residence on June 1 or November 1 for which the exemption was not on the tax roll may file an appeal with the December Board of Review in the year for which the exemption was claimed or the immediately succeeding 3 years. MCL 211.7cc(19)    


Township Rental

Lake Township residents may rent the township hall for functions concerning his/her immediate family. Please call the township hall at 231-839-7655 for information about cost, available dates, and times. The best times to call are on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am-2pm.  You may leave a voicemail and your call will be returned. 


Lake Township Information

Lake Township in Missaukee County, Michigan was organized in 1883. The Lake Township hall is located at the corner of Dickerson Road and Kelly Road. The original township hall was a two-story building built in 1884 in the Village of Jennings. The second story of the original township hall was moved to the present site in 1924. In the early 1900’s Jennings had approximately 2000 inhabitants and was engaged in the lumbering business. Several houses were moved from Jennings to Cadillac after the lumber mills closed. Today Jennings is considered a ghost town. 

The population of Lake Township is approximately 2,500, according to the 2000 census and remains about the same today. Tourism is a primary industry of Lake Township. Many people living in the township work in the nearby city of Cadillac. 

Lake Township has four main lakes. They are Lake Missaukee, Sapphire Lake, Crooked Lake, and Round Lake. Round Lake is privately owned and does not have a public access site. The other three lakes are all-season recreational lakes and all have public access. The Clam River also runs through the township and is considered a premier trout-fishing river. 

There is a Township Park on the Clam River, located on M-55, that can be used for picnics and fishing. Crooked Lake County Park is located in Lake Township and is used for camping, picnics, fishing, and boating on the lake. There is a boat launch area on Crooked Lake.

NOTICE: The Michigan Public Service Commission is advising the township that they are responsible for handling video/cable customer complaints. If customers cannot resolve the complaint by contacting their video/cable company directly, they may contact the MPSC for assistance at: Telephone: (866) 552-7725 Fax: (517) 241-2400 Mail: Michigan Public Service Commission Attn: Video Franchising 6545 Mercantile Way Lansing, MI 48909.

Lake Township Hall

Crooked Lake Campground

Outdoor Space – Lake Township Hall

Elected Officials


Robert Hall
248 Carolyn Drive
Lake City, Michigan


Kay Ouwinga
8105 W. Kelly Rd.
Lake City, Michigan


Korrinda Winkelmann
8105 W. Kelly Rd.
Lake City, Michigan


Carol Bradley
5360 S. Dickerson Rd.
Lake City, Michigan


Ben Wolford
1624 S. Sapphire Ave.
Lake City, Michigan

Appointed Officials and Board Members

Appointed Officials

Tim  Cairns, Assessor
8105 W. Kelly Rd.
Lake City, Michigan 49651
ph. 231.577.1025
fax: 231.929.1076

Sewer Advisory Board

  • Caldwell Township
    Gordon Brown
  • Lake Township
    Carol Bradley
    Ben Wolford
    Kate Cobb

Fire Board

  • Lake Township
  • Rob Hall
    Ben Wolford
    Randy Norman
  • Lake City
  • Judy Luter-Iverson
    Brad Seeger

Lake Improvement Board

  • Chair
    Mimi Zwolak

  • Lake Township
    Ben Wolford

    County Commissioner

    Roger Ouwinga

    Reeder Township
    Pat Bierins

    Caldwell Township
    Gordon Haver

  • Secretary 
    Kathy Ostrander

  • Missaukee Drain Commission
  • Jack McGee

Sewer Operator & Committees 

Sewer Operator

  • Assistant
    Dan Molitor

Map of Sanitary Drain #2
Typical Sewage System Layouts
Missaukee Drain#2 Sewer Rate Study – 2016

Missaukee Drain#2 was created in 1994 and serves roughly 500 gravity units and 280 effluent pressure units.

Lake Enhancement Committee

  • Lake Missaukee
    Mimi Zwolak
    Chad Moore
    Jerry Grimwood
    Alt: Larry Collins
  • Sapphire Lake

    John Beck
    Ben Wolford
    Steve Ryan
    Alt: Cheri Ryan

  • Crooked Lake
    Bonnie Silver
    Don Nemecek
    Chick Bricker
              • Ron Mortenson
              •      Bill Collins 

Contact Us

 8105 W. Kelly Rd. Lake City, Michigan 49651