Township government is conducted by a township board consisting of five members, depending upon the desires of the inhabitants and whether or not the township has a population of over 5,000, over 3,000 unregistered electors or is a charter township. The officers of the board are the Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and two Trustees. The township board may also serve in other specific capacities, such as a park or utility board.

The terms of office for all township officials is four years. The terms commence at 12 pm on November 20 following the November general election, provided the newly elected officials qualify for office by that time. To qualify, successful candidates must file any necessary bonds and take oaths of office from the township Clerk or other officer qualified to administer the oath. Other township officers authorized to administer the oath are the Deputy Clerk, Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor.

The Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and Trustees must take oaths of office before entering into the duties of their offices. The Deputy Supervisor, Deputy Clerk and Deputy Treasurer must take oaths after their appointments and before entering into office.

In addition, the township Clerk and the township Treasurer are required to be bonded.

The Clerk and the Treasurer each appoint a deputy. The Deputy Clerk and Deputy Treasurer must also be bonded. The Supervisor may appoint a deputy. Deputy township officials are authorized to act as elected officials in the event of an official's absence, sickness, death or other disability. A deputy may not, however, vote as a member of the township Board. With the official’s approval and the consent of the township Board, a deputy may assist elected officials at any additional times agreed to by the Board and the official. Deputies are not required to be residents of the township, and may be paid compensation as determined by the township Board. 


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